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How to check what mac system you have... and whatapp the information of the system you have to 8742 1246 or email us the specs to pete@usedmacshop.com

Please do not call up for a quote, we get too many calls of people selling a day, and many people just saying they have a iMac or a Macbook Pro to sell without knowing the specs of their Mac or year of their mac. Over the years Apple produce many iMacs & MacBooks, Macbook Pro models with different screen sizes ! We cannot quote with just the information "I have a MacBook Pro to sell"

just whatapp info or pictures of specs or email us the specs, this also allow us to keep a record of quotes we quote, in case you do decide to sell we can refer back to the quote after a week or a month. 5 calls a day to sell = 25 a week = 100 a month, we cannot possible remember you or the quotes we quote on the phone, so please understand.

Thank you for your understanding !

please click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtd5k4lnWDM to learn how to check specs.

1. Click on the Apple Logo than click "About This Mac"


2. A window should appear, as shown below, next click on the "System Report" or "More Info" button, take a picture here whatapp the picture, this picture we need.

3. Another window should open; as shown below, on the left side look for the Model Identifier and take note of the description, in this example its a iMac4,2 this picture or screen shot we need also.

4. You should also provide information us of your screen size of your mac, memory & hard disk or you can email us a screen capture of the specs by pressing together shift-command keys than 4, a crossbow cursor will come up, highlight the area of the information to capture, the captured screenshot should appear on your desktop, email that file to us, or take a screen shot with your phone and whatapp the pictures to us at 8742 1246


5. Click here to tell us what system you are selling and provide us the specs